A well-known U.S. hacker told F.B.I. agents he took momentary control of an airplane’s engines mid-flight by hacking into its inflight entertainment system, according to a document filed in U.S. federal court and obtained by APTN National News. Roberts, who has been interviewed at least three times by the F.B.I. this year, is under investigation for allegedly hacking into the electronic entertainment systems of airplanes, according to an application for a search warrant to probe seized electronic equipment. The document shows F.B.I. agents investigating Roberts believe he has the ability to do what he claims: take over flight control systems by hacking the inflight entertainment computer. Roberts has not yet been charged with any crime. The allegations contained in the search warrant application have not been proven in court. Roberts is the founder of One World Labs and he is widely viewed as an expert on counter threat cyber security. F.B.I. agents obtained the search warrant on April 17 to probe a number of electronic items seized from Roberts after he arrived in Syracuse, NY, from Chicago on April 15. Roberts had posted a joke tweet earlier in the day while on a United Airlines flight between Denver and Chicago. The tweet referred to hacking into the airplane’s in-flight entertainment and passenger oxygen mask system. During two interviews with F.B.I. agents in February and March of this year, Roberts said he hacked the inflight entertainment syst...

Scottish Premiership play-offs: Who will make the final?


In the final weeks of the Championship season, teams jostled for their place in the play-offs. The competitiveness was welcome, since Hearts had secured the title in March, earlier than any other side in senior British football. Hibernian and Rangers were battling for the advantage that came with finishing second, having two games fewer to…

Top FIFA Officials Arrested On Suspicion Of Corruption


Swiss police arrested seven FIFA officials in Zurich in the early hours of Wednesday morning, on charges of corruption. The arrests came at the request of the U.S. Justice Department and are the result of a three-year FBI investigation. Those indicted on Wednesday include nine FIFA officials, as well as four marketing executives whose companies…

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Top FIFA Officials Arrested On Suspicion Of Corruption


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